Here is our current graphics team for VexX Gaming! These are the people working hard to provide our teams with artwork for their streams, YouTube and more! Hit anyone of them up for quality work done at a great cost and drop them a follow and show your support for the #VexXFam!

  • velocitize

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  • clockso

    My name is Kevin "Clockso" Michael and I am 19 years old. I grew up playing call of duty hours on end with a mixture of gears of war and battlefield followed by many broken controllers. I am a graphic designer focused on making artwork, i do not categorize myself as any one style because i like to be open minded in everything i do. I studied graphic design in college for a few years and then moved on to computer science which i am currently majoring in. I hope that one day my work will be recognized and people will be able to come to me with any request and I can meet it with 100% satisfaction....Read More

  • nysfinestgfx

    About me: Occupation: Digital Artist Hometown: Bronx, NY Favorite Game: Halo 2 Self taught designer Designing since 07...Read More