Here is our current stream team for VexX Gaming! These guys are new, upcoming streamers that play various games and get involved with their fanbase! Check them all out and drop them a follow to show your support for the #VexXFam!

  • ithedude


    Mark is a former professional Smite player turned streamer! He's has some high level experience in the scene early on and had one of the craziest game ever seen at MLG NOLA! Come check him out streaming mostly Hi-Rez games like Smite, Paladins and more!...Read More

  • wolf

    Wolf is an upcoming streamer that streams all different kinds of games from PC to console! A true nerd and one of the most friendly guys you'll meet, drop him a follow and help him grow his channel!...Read More

  • violingamer

    Oleg Zakharskiy

    Oleg Zakharskiy AkA | ViolinGamer | is an online entertainer on Twitch and YouTube! He not only streams a lot of Nintendo games and speed runs but he is also an amazing violinist and composes his own albums based on music from his favorite video games! Make sure to check him out on YouTube and show your support for this awesome kid!...Read More

  • drbinary

    Lando Wade

    Dr_Binary has been gaming for years! You can catch him playing PUBG, H1Z1 and ARK most of the time and sometime even with his girlfriend! Tune in for shooter shenanigans, fun and good times! (Alcohol may or may not be involved) ...Read More

  • VexX_Krazie


    Krazie has been involved in the Esports/Gaming scene for a long while! He's been a pillar to help build some awesome communities, has worked with some major brands in Esports and is one of the nicest and most humble guys you'll meet, he will not only be streaming here but he will also be apart of the video creation for our YouTube channel! Make sure to drop him a follow! ...Read More

  • qikzsd

    Qikz is a long time StarCraft player! He's been in the scene for years and is known for being one of the top NA players in "old school" SC! Drop by his stream and catch him playing in tournaments and just casual play!...Read More