Here is our current lineup for Player Unknown's : Battlegrounds! These guys are very talented players, all ranking in the top 10 and have formed together to take the team scene by storm! Make sure to drop them a follow, check out their streams and show your support for the #VexXFam!

  • Foulerfire

    matt wilhelm

    Hi, my name’s Foulerfire, I am a PUBG player who has been playing PC games since the early days of 2008. Initially I played a lot of WoW and League of Legends, however when I found a little arma 2 mod called dayz in 2012 my prefered genre of gaming became first person shooters. While I do tend to have an aggressive playstyle it usually pays off when it comes to first person gaming.I am looking forward to making my place in the PUBG leaderboards known and having a presence in future tournaments by representing VexX!  ...Read More

  • eerymango

    Glenn Steadham

    Hello! My name is EeryMango, or Glenn, and I am a PUBG player. I’ve only been playing PC games since 2014 but have invested many hours in this short time. DayZ was my first love in PC gaming, bringing me more into the realm of 1PP Shooters/Survival games. Within DayZ, I hosted my own sort of “Battle Royale” game mode on a privately funded server. I then moved onto Arma 3 Battle Royale, and entered the competitive scene. After my first “major” Arma 3 tournament, I knew this was the game mode for me. Long story short, PUBG came out and I quickly jumped into the competition that leaderboards brought. I currently reside top 20 NA and hope to compete at the highest level with VexX....Read More

  • noi5yboy

    Louis Appleyard

    Sup Mah Dudes! Names Louis AKA 'Noi5yboy'. I am a PUBG Player and have been playing Videos Games/PC Games since I had my first ever console. I played alot of Fifa Console Wise.. and Alot of WoW on my PC those two were my thing. I then got into the Arma2 Dayz Mod which took over my life in terms of gaming.. which progressed onto Dayz Standalone and Arma3 Battleroyale. And Now I have Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. And after placing 3rd In the First Ever Invitational Tournament EU Bracket I knew this game was for me! I have quite a Mixed playstyle.. sometimes I like to let things around me unfold before I start poppin' heads.. other times I like to get stuck in and play aggressive, especially now FPP is in Battlegrounds! I am thrilled and excited to be playing under the VexXed Name and Banner and I cant wait to get stuck in.. Get Ready because your about to Get VexXeD!...Read More

  • cythex

    Marcel Michels

    Hey! My name is Marcel, also known as cythex. The game that got me into gaming was Counter Strike: Source which I played for more than 1000 hours back in the time. After playing several other games I eventually got into ArmA3, in particular the Battle Royale Mod where I've been grinding the top 100 of the leaderboards for several seasons. Now I've been playing PUBG ever since its release and after being in the top50 several times, I finally decided to take it into another level by joining a real team. Looking forward to a successful time under VexX Gaming!...Read More

  • Fish

    Erik Seglem Larsen

    Hi hello, what’s up! My name is Erik, but I go by the name TheNorwegianFish or Fish on the internet. I was pretty much born playing GoldenEye 007 on the N64, ever since gaming has been my passion. Growing up I played CoD/MoH on console, and eventually on the family PC. I was introduced to Twitch ( back in 2011, this is what eventually got me in to ArmA 2 DayZ and the original Battleroyale. I’ve played Counterstrike since early CS:S, which gave me the aim and the competitive mindset that motivates me to play PUBG. I’m excited to see what the future with Vexx has to give me!...Read More