Here is our current managerment staff for VexX Gaming! These are the people working hard in the background for our teams, fans and sponsors to help ensure that we have growth on many different levels foreach quarter. These people are the driving force of VexX Gaming so drop them a follow and show your support for the #VexXFam!

  • ThatGuyRazor

    Jonathan Boyd

    My name is Jonathan Boyd AkA "Razor" and I'm 36 years old, I've been gaming since I was 5 years old and I've had a passion for it ever since I picked up a controller. My goal is and will continue to be to build a top rated ESports organization in North America and give kids more opportunities to reach their dreams! In time I'd like to think that I've been apart of the growth of this scene and would like to continue that for many more years to come! #VexXFam...Read More

  • TheDudeILLEST

    Donovan Jones

    Joined VexX on July 4th 2014 as a community member and became a CO-Owner on September 20th 2015 then i started school and working full time so i was forced to walk away from VexX however as of August 30th 2018 i was brought back on as General Manager....Read More

  • King Mytth

    Quenthony Martin

    Hello! My name is Quenthony Martin aka Mytth. I used to be the Founder of an organization called Fame Gaming and Co- Founder of EXcalibur. Also my latest org called Mortal Kings I owned as well! I am very easy to get along with and genuinely a kind person. I'm very organized and likes to get the job done! My love for eSports stretches beyond more then meets the eye. If you ever need me, please do not hesitate to contact me by Twitter....Read More