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Call of Duty

Here is where you can find the information on our Challenger level Call of Duty roster! These guys are all upcoming players with a lot to prove, help show your support as they attended CWL events thoughout the year as well as compete online in MLG CWL 2k series! 

  • Vicious

    Mike Santos

    Vicious has been around for a while! In 2015 he made a name for himself under Carnage Esports along with Huke and Swarly as a top upcoming player! He then moved to VexX where he helped get our 2015 AW team to MLG Regionals for our chance at the season 2 Pro League, the team place 5th and then 9th at MLG Dallas before Mike has to take a step back due to his age. Now at 19 he's ready to lead this team of young, hungry players to a championship!...Read More

  • rampy

    Rampy started competing in the AW season, he was 15 when he attended his first major at UMG Ontario! Unfortunately with the age restriction after AW this delayed the the journey but now at 18 he has returned to competitive Call of Duty with the same dreams and goals! Watch out for his raw talent, explosive play style and how much better he get's as he develops his skills!...Read More

  • lyric

    Lyric is young, but he's been involved with the scene for some time now. During the 2015 Call of Duty season with Advanced Warfare he played for teams such as Dream Team, eRa, Lethal, TGC, PNDA, etc. With his most notable placements being 9-12th and 13th-16th in Advanced Warfare! He had to take a step back when they changed the rules to 18+ but now he's back and in the best form ever, look for him to develop his skills and show off his talents this season and beyond! ...Read More

  • brack

    Carson Newberry

    Brack is a young upcoming talent that has been making a name for himself online and in GB's! Now that he is 18 he's ready to take his talent to the next level and work for that professional status!...Read More


  • Position
  • 8th
    CWL ProLeague Challenger #1
    28 Jan 2018
  • 7th
    CWL 2k series
    27 Jan 2018