Topic What Is Your Body Telling You?

  • Mon 22nd Jan 2018 - 9:53am

    For starters, know that there are many paths toMind Boost Day Review happiness, but most like sex, drugs and rock and roll lead elsewhere. It is quite an art not to get lost looking for your own best path s to happiness. Many have gone down roads to nowhere or worse through the years - such searching is the stuff of great literature and classic movies, including The Wizard Of Oz. We can learn much about happiness from the trials and errors of other journeys. Like Dorothy, we may find that gurus and wizards are humbug - that happiness is in part a quest for self-discovery and even a life-long rite of passage in which we overcome challenges by learning the best uses for our talents. In time, some conclude that happiness is not a destination at all, but a way of traveling.If we are fortunate, we might discover that feelings of happiness occur regularly, though they can't be possessed without renewal and good works. From a wellness perspective, we might ask, How can we experience more happiness as part of a healthful, fulfilling existence?

    I mentioned several elements of REAL wellness. All are equally important for happiness purposes, but if one is more equal thanks, George Orwell for boosting the prospects of happiness, it would probably be discovering what you need for sufficient meaning and purpose. Yes, exercise and fitness are critical to optimal health. Yes, the manner in which you nourish yourself, most of the time, also matters, as does quality medical care, when needed. But, for happiness-boosting life satisfaction, good health and near-daily doses of joy and peace i.e., happiness, finding your purposes might be the way to the richest of all returns. If this is the case, I'm obligated to give you the keys to happiness.


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