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    Welcome to our Application process, Prospect!​ *** NOTE: This is an 16+ community! *** If you are 15 you may apply but may have to deal with additional scrutiny.​ *** NOTE: Answer ALL of our questions to the best of your ability! ***​ Approval Requirements: You will remain in Prospect status for a 14 day period. During which you are expected to comply with the following: Interviews: You will be sought out by officers for a short informal interview. The intended purpose is just so they can get a general opinion of what you're all about. Generally speaking, this won't be like a job interview. Teamspeak Activity: During your prospect status, you will be required to join us on Teamspeak once per day for at least one hour. If you cannot comply with this, please let someone with authority know so that they can vouch for your absence(s). It is important that everyone gets to know you, and that will never happen if you don't have high activity. VexX Forum Participation: No real requirements, but the more active you are here the better. Post in your own app, answer questions, and feel free to post in other forum categories as well. Bumping our recruitment threads (If applicable): You will be asked to post in our recruitment threads at least 10 times during the 3 week Prospect period. You only need to post in the recruitment thread for the division you are applying for. It is important to know that Community Members will be voting for you. If you are active and do well, you can expect a good amount of Yes votes which will go a long way toward your acceptance. ​ Have you read and do you understand these rules? Do you understand the approval requirements? General Questions​ |||1. How old are you? 31||| |||2. Do you prefer to play alone or in groups? Varies, ususally groups.||| |||3. Do you get offended easily? Nope.||| |||4. Are you willing to participate in weekly community events? Yea I would||| |||5. Are you an active forum user? Not really, but i'm not against them.||| |||6. Do you have any issues with being in Discord, or any other method of Voice Communication? Nope||| ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------​ Gaming Questions​ ||| 7. What is the first game you've ever played ? - Hmm... Lemmings or Doom, cant remember which.. as far as PC goes. Otherwise good ol Super Mario and Contra we're nintendo top picks.||| ||| 8. Tell us your top 5 games ever. - Excitebike, Asheron's Call, Anarchy Online, Rust, Starcraft||| |||9. Tell us what systems you play games on, and what games you enjoy playing. - PC - Starcraft II, Overwatch, Heroes of the storm, Elite dangerous, BDO, RUST.||| ||| 10. Tell us about your gaming history. What games brought you into gaming and what games have you played recently? - Mostly MMO's but a bunch of RTS and FPS games such as warcraft/starcraft and Overwatch and cs 1.6 brought and keep me in gaming.||| |||11. What type of game do you generally enjoy playing the most and why? - RTS and MMO usually. They both require strategy and overall knowledge of the game to play properly.||| |||12. Will you primarily be playing PC or Console, and which console(s)? - PC ||| |||13. What is your handle on each of your respective systems? - Ruthless aka RuthlessEngage||| |||14. Are you playing any other games on the side? - Sometimes I play Heroes of the storm or RUST||| |||15. How did you hear about VexX Gaming? What made you choose us over another gaming community? BDO. Never really been involved with a Gaming Community. This one has a great group of people.||| |||16. Lastly, tell us why you should be accepted. - If your not first, your last.|||
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