• Tue 13th Jun 2017 - 5:44am
    Do you understand the approval requirements? Yes General Questions​ 1. How old are you? 24 2. Do you prefer to play alone or in groups? Groups 3. Do you get offended easily? No 4. Are you willing to participate in weekly community events? Yes 5. Are you an active forum user? Yes 6. Do you have any issues with being in Discord, or any other method of Voice Communication? No ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------​ Gaming Questions​ 7. What is the first game you've ever played ? Paper Boy Never Forget 8. Tell us your top 5 games ever. CSGO League BDO NBA 2k12 Black Ops 2 9. Tell us what systems you play games on, and what games you enjoy playing. PC And mostly playing BDO ATM 10. Tell us about your gaming history. What games brought you into gaming and what games have you played recently? Before I built my PC I just played with friends on Halo or COD but after I built my PC I really just played league and CSGO and was looking for something new to play till I found BDO 11. What type of game do you generally enjoy playing the most and why? I don't really have a type of game that I like to play I just enjoy playing with people 12. Will you primarily be playing PC or Console, and which console(s)? PC 13. What is your handle on each of your respective systems? MoMoney or MoMoneyMoSkins 14. Are you playing any other games on the side? I do stream League form time to time but other then that I will be playing BDO 15. How did you hear about VexX Gaming? What made you choose us over another gaming community? Croba was the one who got me in when we started playing and seemed like a bunch of chill people 16. Lastly, tell us why you should be accepted. I'm a chill guy that just likes to hang out after work and play some games with friends
  • Mon 17th Jul 2017 - 2:07am
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  • Wed 26th Jul 2017 - 5:30pm
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