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  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 11:39am

    The use of prescription drugs alone is only one approach to solving Protogen the problem. The side effect list is not short and there is the possibility for long term side effects. The risk for depression as an adult appears to be greater for those who used ADHD meds as a child.

    Some alternatives, which can often times be applied simultaneously include: dietary control, homeopathic remedies, behavioral therapy and trained relaxation techniques. With such approaches, especially in tandem, you may go beyond simply suppressing symptoms with a drug and even have the potential to reach the deeper cause of the problem.

    If you are able to successfully resolve these deeper issues, then you may reach a point where prescription drugs are no longer necessary. Note: be sure to check with your physician before taking your child or yourself off a prescription medication.

    Dietary control could be very helpful because you can remove aggravators of ADHD symptoms by simply eliminating certain food from the diet. Here are some of the food that have been suspected of contributing to ADHD symptoms: fried foods, food coloring, MSG and pasteurized dairy products. (Special Note: Those who utilize raw dairy often find that they do not have the problems or intolerance that can come from drinking pasteurized milk. A good resource for information on raw milk is

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