TopicTypes of Schizophrenia

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 5:49am

    We have had several family members succumb to this disease, most people with the Brain Plus IQ disease will die form something other than the disease, infections and pneumonia are examples of complications. My Dad passed on from Alzheimer's while my wives Uncle died from an infection. It is best to get on top of this early and add quality to the life of the patient and family, if this is you, get help now! In my neighborhood we have an outreach group dedicated to this very issue.
    As individuals age, there is increased concern over cognitive decline. Research has long proven that mental capacity and processing does decelerate with age, and according to some studies the human brain actually stops growing during an individual's early twenties, after which it gradually contracts. However, scientists agree that it is never too late to begin exercising the brain and that these workouts can make a significant difference.

    Brain plasticity, also called neuroplasticity, is a term that implies that a healthy brain is never inert and will likely respond to stimulus. A study conducted by researchers at the Mayo Clinic examined more than 480 healthy adults aged 65 and over, and concluded that with regular cognitive training the subjects improved their auditory processing speed by more than 130 percent. Auditory processing speed is directly related to memory function and attention span. Several entertainment and educational companies now offer brain workout programs aimed to improve neuroplasticity, strengthen neural pathways, and stimulate the generation of new brain cells.


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