Topic How Do You Know When You Are Too Fat?

  • Wed 14th Feb 2018 - 11:05am

    Another way to fight the hunger is to replace the same quantity of Total Trim 11 low value food or drink (like chocolate and alcohol) with higher nutritional value food and this helps you to lose fat and reduce your waist size as well.

    At this point you should be 4 weeks into your new way of eating. You have built a new foundation for the way you are going to live. And now it is time to build on that foundation and make it work for you. You will now be able to enjoy the sweets you used to eat, but have not had for the past 4 weeks. Because you have learned portion control and the importance of fruits and vegetables in your diet, you will be able to pick and choose desserts that you can eat in moderation.

    Keep your established eating schedule of 4-5 meals per day. Your body has become accustomed to this schedule and it is best to stick with what you have become accustomed to. You can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you need. Do not overeat. Vegetables are best eaten raw, grilled, steamed or baked. Do not eat them fried. You are losing the nutritional value, not to mention adding calories.

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