TopicTreatment for Troubled Hair

  • Fri 12th Jan 2018 - 11:11am


    The Problem: Split Ends

    This is one of the issues that need hair loss treatment. It is also Provillus Review most often caused by excessive use of styling tools, not to mention the damage caused by hair highlights and - you might be shocked by this - skipping conditioner. One of the most common causes of split ends is waiting too long between haircuts, as you have to have your locks trimmed every six to eight weeks. Split ends might be an early sign of weak hair, and may cause breakage and your strands to fall.

    Oh no! Time to look for a hair loss treatment - fast!

    The Solution: Protein- Based Treatments

    Protein, found in treatments that cater to hair damaged by split ends, acts as a temporary styling bandage that seal splits together temporarily. Once the hair strand is split, it will continue tearing up the strand, so early remedy is key. Also, remember to ask your stylist to give you a dusting as soon as you come back to the salon. At least every two months. Dusting is where your hairdresser removes the split ends from your hair, keeping ends of your strands at bay.

    The Problem: Breakage

    This is the most common hair problem. Breakage is often caused by brushing your hair too vigorously and using tight elastics when putting your hair up on a ponytail.


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