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  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 2:02pm

    Whatever the case, it's important to realize that you Member XXL Reviewmay be taking things out of proportion. When we are hurt in such intimate ways, it's easy to make things appear especially grimmer than they actually are. Especially in the loss of a close partner, who claims it was due to a man's size. Typically such a sophomoric reason is out of spite or just a plain and evil person who enjoys hurting and torturing people. Hey, there's all types in the world...

    If your sex life has taken a back seat to your fear of penis size, then try not to worry about it. The most important thing is that it's not always the size that matters, but the man behind the size. Plus there are infinite ways to sexually please a partner. Heck, just giving her a foot massage will be wondrous for her. So try not to get hung up on your size and allow this to hold you back. Make the most out of every day, because we're all on a limited ticker and time lost is time we'll never get back.

    Of course, every man has walked and experienced different situations in his life and these factors will affect his point-of-view of his penis; as well as the media, advertising, familial factors, relationships, and many other things. You'd be surprised that even one smart comment, or an embarrassing situation, or even something you saw on television late one night, can affect how we perceive ourselves. Not only in the size of our penis, but in the way we dress, the way our hair looks, how tall we are, what kind of job we have, how short we are, how round our faces are, or how small our nose is. There's so many things to get hung up about, the best thing is to not worry about such things and get on with our lives. No one is perfect. And those who seem to be the most perfect are those who are usually the least perfect.


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