TopicLive-In Bootcamps - Why They Work

  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 1:28pm

    There are many things that can activate our fat Green Barley Plus Review switch and the Gabriel Method covers many modern day stresses that the body can interpret as a threat and turn on the fat switch. Dieting is actually one way to put on a little extra weight!Jon Gabriel talks about giving your body what it really needs nutritionally and not taking away anything, especially when you start using the method. The body responds the same way to nutritional famine as it does to real famine. So, if you are not giving your body what it needs, it will interpret the scenario as a famine because real nutrients are scarce.

    As a person starts eating what the body really needs, it will start to crave "real food" and activity. Junk food and a sedentary lifestyle no longer appeal to a body that wants to be active, awake and full of energy. The best part about all of this is that this is a natural transition that can be easily achieved by anyone. No super will-power is necessary to make it happen.
    Understanding the mechanics of dieting is very important when selecting a weight loss program. Only by choosing one that is built around the known facts of how the body reacts to dieting do we greatly increase our likelihood of successful weight loss.

    The simple truth about weight loss is that the body is "hard wired" by nature to maintain weight, not to lose it. The system within us that controls how we burn the calories that we consume is called the metabolism. The body controls the metabolism based upon what it expects to receive. If you typically consume 2000 calories per day; the body regulates the metabolism to expect that number of calories. If you suddenly reduce your caloric intake in order to try to lose weight, the body perceives that change as being a threat of starvation.


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