TopicWeight Loss Option - Cooking Tips That You Ought to Try

  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 11:36am

    Let us assume for one moment that you are on a very strict diet, and that you are using this as a weight loss option. You are followingGreen Coffee 5K  the recommended diet plan, doing your exercises, but somehow the stubborn and unwanted pounds won't simply come off. So what seems to be the problem?

    You might not know it, but you may actually be eating a lot of fats and other unhealthy food items from the way you cook your food. Incredibly, not even a great non-stick pan can not keep away the grease that normally accompanies meat when these are shallow fried. At the same time, baking meats steeped in their own juices and fats are as fattening as eating a stick of butter with your meals. If you really want to keep the fats off your meals, you might want to try other cooking processes.

    Steaming is almost always a good option. The food sits several inches above the water, which means that there is no way that fats (which may have dripped off from the cooking dish) will be reabsorbed back. This works particularly well with fish. However, this also works wonderfully with dishes made from ground meat. Broiling or grilling over an open flame is another good option. Here, the food sits on a grill where the fats can freely drip off. If you would rather bake meat and other food items, it would be a good recommendation to let the meat sit on a baking grill so that the food does not come in contact with the bottom of the baking pan. This minimizes fats being reabsorbed back into the meat.



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