Back in action with Gears4!

Sat 14th Jan 2017 - 8:39pm : General
What's up VexXFam!
We've been laying low since our roster disbanded after MLG Columbus, looking for the right opportunity. We've had some interesting things happen in that period of time but we have to announce that we have finally got an official lineup moving forward into the MLG Pro Circuit!
Keeping true to our tradition we've gone with a roster of young players that have a lot of raw talent, we look to help them refine this talent and help them build on teamwork, map control and composure! The team has already taken some top teams to their depths falling to eUnited 6-7 in a super close 250 series and with some work they will get nothing but better!
With that said here is our lineup moving forward!








This team won't be attending Mexico City and this will allow us the time to build, we plan on attending the next event in February and then Paris and Vegas to finish up the circuit! You can catch the team in their debut performance with VexX in this weekends 2k series where they will look to come out with a bang and show people they are a contender to watch out for!
Make sure to drop these guys a follow and check out their YouTube and Twitch channels and as always make sure to keep it right here for all the latest with VexX Gaming! #GetVexXeD




Jonathan Boyd

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