DolphinBrick will be attending SuperSmashCon to take the crown!

Fri 4th Aug 2017 - 11:47pm : Gaming

What's up VexXFam,


A few months ago we picked up a few players in a upcoming fighting gaming Rivals of Aether, since then both of our players have been doing exceptionally well in both online and at LAN events. But DolphinBrick in the last LAN event he attended proved he's hungry and pushing forward to take that crown as the #1 player!


Last time he was at LAN was at TheBiggerBalc where he had a very impressive run! He climbed into the finals without dropping a round, destroying Ralph 3-0 to get there, then fell to FullStream. He then had to face off with MSB and took him out 3-0! The re-match in the grand-finals was the most exciting to date, DolphinBrick took the first set 3-0 but FullStream weathered the storm and took the second set 3-1! DolphinBrick took home second that weekend but showed everyone that he is not just a top player but one of the most most deadly Orcane players out there!



Now that he's got a few top placements on LAN he's ready to amp it up and take home first at SuperSmashCon! This looks to be the biggest event of the year for Rivals and if he can take home first place he'll be all setup for Genesis 5!! Rest assured the DBrick has been not only working on getting better but he's also been keeping an eye on his competition, analyzing videos and making sure he is fully prepared to rock out this event! This could be the most dangerous Dolphin is the sea!!



We're very excited to watch him in action August 10th-13th in Chantilly, VA!! Make sure to drop him a follow on Twitter and tune in to the live broadcast of the event over the weekend to show your support! Remember to follow VexX on Twitter to keep up to date with all of our teams, and if you really want to show your support his the subscribe button over on our Twitch page and get access to our exclusive VexX emotes!! #GetVexXeD



Jonathan Boyd

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