The Rivals squad get's ready for their first event under VexX!

Wed 17th May 2017 - 12:04am : Gaming

What's up VexXFam!!


With our recent pick up of two top players in the Rivals of Aether scene we are happy to announce that will get to see them in action at TheBiggerBalc on May 27th-28th in not only the 1v1 tournament but also as a duo in the 2v2!!!

With DolphinBrick using Orcane and AZCards with Kragg these guys could prove to be a deadly duo, but we can't forget this is "Rivals" of Aether so these boys could potentially face each other in the 1v1 ladder! We can't wait to see how things turn out but one thing is sure, the weekend is going to be full of amazing Rivals action!!

These guys have both been training hard to get ready and have also been streaming their gameplay so make sure to drop them a follow!! 

Tune in May 27th-28th to TheBiggerBalc event and show your support for the squad!! #GetVexXeD


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Jonathan Boyd

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