The boys Crockie and Doppey prepare for ComboBreaker 2017!!

Wed 17th May 2017 - 12:01am : Gaming
What's up VexXFam!!
It's been a up and down couple of weeks since CEODreamland where Crockie placed 5th/6th in the 1v1 and then 1st place in the 2v2 tournament with his duo Doppey, but the boys have not let that get them down!
The Legend Series 1v1 saw Crockie get 8th place and Doppey getting 9th-12th but in the 2v2 the boys came together to make an impressive run and ended with a 3rd place finish! We then headed into the Spring Championship and it went rough for the boys, Crockie has a bad start and wasn't able to overcome getting knocked out early by BurntPan who ended up placing in the top 8. Doppey fared well but ended up getting knocked out by Astronaut in a close 2-1 series and ended up in 9th-12th. The 2v2 was stacked and the boys just didn't have a good day, they got knocked out early by Remmy and Kyle Travis and ended in 9th-12th place.
The boys are not letting it get to them, in face they are using it as motivation to get better and overcome these new challenges! They both are working hard to get ready for ComboBreaker and show that they are both top players in the scene!! There will not be a 2v2 at ComboBreaker!! So both of these guys will be there to take the win in the 1v1 circuit and bring home that trophy!!
Make sure to tune in May 26th-28th and show your support for the squad!! #VexXFam

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