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Wed 19th Apr 2017 - 1:28am : Gaming
What's up VexXFam!
This weekend was full of fun time, new champions and some of the most intense matches we've ever seen! We're going to recap how things went for our player Crockie throughout the tournament and what the future holds moving forward!!
Crockie went into the 2v2 tournament with his long time partner and former VexX member Doppey major underdogs, even though they have been around forever as a duo in the competitive Brawlhalla scene most people hadn't seen Doppey in the 1v1 arena very often as a top contender and had them set to get knocked out early. Well the boys had been working hard in the background on their 2v2 synergy and really proved how much of a leap forward they have taken!
The duo started out in Round 1 vs HyperHero & Midget, this was a back and forth battle for the duo and they had some slip up's but came back to win the series 2-1!
Then in Round 2 they faced off with Starlight & Astro, both amazing competitors and Starlight being one of the winners of the BCX 2v2 Championship! The boys knew what they had to do and in one of the most amazing matches ever seen the boys we're able to take down Starlight & Astro 2-1 going with Crockie going huge, getting loud and letting people know they came to play!
In round 3 they faced SillyGobi & Wrenchd and again pushed though the challenges and working so well together we're able to take the series 2-1 and move onto Winner Finals!
In the Winners Finals they would face Dobrein & Diakou, a very strong duo with Diakou being the winner of the 2v2 BCX Championship! This match would go down to the wire all the way to a game 5, where Crockie & Doppy would display some of the most amazing teamwork you've ever seen! I really wish more of these games we're streamed because the highlight would have been AMAZING! The boys win 3-2 and move onto the Grand-Finals!!
The Grand-Finals would be another nail-biter with the boys going up vs. Zeloxory & Stevenator!! It went all way to a game 5 again with some of the most amazing plays you've ever seen, if you can go back and watch this game!! Doppey went MASSIVE to keep things going in our favor and we took the series 3-2 and took home 1st place in the 2v2 ladder!! Check out this clip!!



These guys did amazing proving a lot of people wrong and showing the the long standing duo is still a threat!! It was an amazing tournament and we're so very proud of both of these guys, we got big things are to come for this duo so drop them both a follow on Twitter and don't forget to check out Crockie almost every night on Twitch!


In the 1v1 we had Crockie go vs. some of the best in the world! Here's how it went down!

Crockie started out in group G2 along with Maltimum, Mother Russia and Starlight all who are top competitors! Crockie went hard in the pool play, going 9-2 overall only falling to Starlight and advancing to the top 12!

In Champ Losers R1 Crockie would face Stevenator and in the most epic 1v1 comeback ever witnessed on stream Crockie makes the comeback from a 3-1 stock disadvantage to win!! It was INSANE, he was in the red/orange the entire time and just turned up super hard!! Check out this clip!



After that win Crockie was in the top 8 but he wasn't done yet! He would face Wrenchd in Loser Round 2 who is another top player in the NA scene! Crockie would take the series 2-1 and put himself top 6!!
In the loser-quarter finals he would find himself vs. Starlight once again and he just wasn't able to clutch it up, the games we close but Starlight knocked him out winning the series 2-0.
We are so proud of Crockie, a lot of people slept on him saying he wouldn't make it into the top 8 but we believed in him! His hard work and dedication paid off big for him and as always he still remember's to have fun getting hyped at events and always staying positive in 2v2's!! The growth we saw at this event was very impressive and it won't stop here!
With the BCX points Crockie has got this weekend he's in the mix for both the 1v1 & 2v2 circuit! We've got a lot more coming up this year for Brawlhalla so make sure to stay tuned, show your support for our players and keep it right here for more on the #VexXFam!


Jonathan Boyd

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