Jumping into Paladins! We have acquired "Arise" as our Challenger team!

Mon 12th Dec 2016 - 6:26am : Gaming
What's up VexXFam!
We're very excited to announce that we're jumping into Paladins headstrong and have acquired "Arise" as our 2017 Challenger team!
Paladins is the latest game out of HiRezStudios ( the creators of Smite, Tribes and Global Agenda ) and even though it still in it's beta stage HiRez has started the path towards making it a popular Esports title! They are already holing a invitational for the top teams in different regions and also hold what is called the "Evie Cup" what is basically a window for new teams to come up the ranks and win some money. All of this will lead up to an official Pro League and Challenger League when the game reaches the state where they think it's ready, we've been following the game for a while now and after this past weekend our mind was made up!
With that we're happy to announce our official line up moving forward!







Coach/Analyst: LilStubbs

Coach/Analyst: Inch


These guys made an impressive run this past weekend in the Evie Cup taking out Astral Authority and Low Rez in quick fashion! They fell in the finals but showed they have what it takes to play with the best and we're happy to have them on board to help bring them to that next level! You'll be hearing a lot more about this team over the next few weeks so make sure to drop the players a follow and check out their streams on! #VexXFam



Jonathan Boyd

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