Welcome the new lineup for Gears 4 to the #VexXFam

Wed 26th Oct 2016 - 2:19am : Gaming
What's up VexXFam!
It was a rough start on the path to finding a new teams for Gears4, we had our up's and down's over the past few weeks but thankfully we have finally landed the team we've been looking for! These guys are considered "GB stars" and have recently shown that they can hang with the top teams, proving that they're individual skill level is very comparable!
With that said we would like to welcome our lineup to the family!


Trix - Coach


These guys are hyped up and ready to prove they have what it take to be a top professional team in Gears 4! They have been at the grind since we picked them up taking 3rd overall in the Pro Circuit ladder as well as playing every 250 series during the week and taking some notable wins over E6, Orbit, Revenge, MbN, Legendary and others! We've faced off with Optic Gaming twice now in the finals and have come close to bringing it home with a 5-7 final score! With the recent addition of our new coach we feel like this team is going to be a dark-horse in the mix at MLG Columbus and we can wait to get started!
Make sure to drop these guys a follow on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube and get ready for a lot of content coming out from the squad!




Jonathan Boyd

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