The #VexXGoW team is ready for MLG Columbus !

Tue 5th Jul 2016 - 10:48pm : Gaming
What's up VexXFam,
It's been an up and down struggle with the Gears of War team since we jumped into GoW3! After placing 3rd in the Season 1 finals and then losing our team in Season 2 we we're put in a interesting situation and instead of picking up another team in the Pro League that we didn't feel would fair well we decided to try and find some new upcoming talent and give them a chance.
We did this by picking up the team formerly known and "enVisioN" who we believed with the proper effort and time invested in them that could become a top team! These guys are all very young, sometime showing that on Twitter and in game but we stuck by them because we believe in them!
During the 5 weeks of the MLG Pro Series they showed that with a little more refinement, less ego and more time that they could really be a top 4 team! So we brought on a coach who is going to help get them prepared for the event and the team is already showing improvement vs. some teams that are quite known in the Pro League!
Here's the lineup in case you didn't already know!
Christopher "Domez J" Guzman
Anthony"Detox" George
Jarid "Neglectant" Breuninger
Ahijah "HooliGiN" Lyte
The squad has a few more weeks to prepare and with Justin working along side of the squad we expect big things for these guys going into MLG Columbus! Make sure to drop the squad a follow and too show your support for the team on July 30th-31st as they work to carve there way into the spotlight!


Jonathan Boyd

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