Welcome our new #VexXCoD lineup for MLG Orlando!

Mon 4th Jul 2016 - 8:20pm : Gaming

What's up VexXFam,


Call of Duty has always been the backbone for VexX Gaming, it was the first game we supported at a high level and it was the first game we had top perfomences in and had qualifiyed for the Pro League. So we've always been passionate about bring up players into the scene and pushing for a championship win, but since we lost our spot in the Pro League durring Ghosts it's been a battle to get back to the top.

Recently we attended MLG Anaheim and didn't fair too well, I take full responceability for that placement as I pout too much pressure on ourn team captain and didn't do my part in working to help find players we could both beleive in. Well we're happy to annoucene this in not the case movinf forward into MLG Orlando!!

With the help of Prophet we've rounded up so top talent and feel like with these players making their best effort to progress as a unit can go very far together and can bring us home top placements. So without further delay we welcome the new squad to the #VexXFam!

Prophet  - Achievements

Nihill  - Achievements

Moti  - Achievements

Demented  - Achievements


Each of these players has the experience to do great and we expect with more work that will be ready to rock out and turn heads at MLG Orlando! We're very excited to have these players on board and will be making sure they are streaming more often and providing YouTube content for your viewing enjoyment!

Please make sure to drop these guys and follow and show your love for the #VexXFam! Keep it right here for more news on our teams, giveaways and more!!



Jonathan Boyd

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  • Fri 26th May 2017 - 10:12am
    Thanks for introducing the new squad to the #VexXFam. As you have the best players in industry we can hope for better scores in the coming gaming season. I hope they will be streaming more often and providing YouTube content for our viewing lip mask enjoyment!
  • Mon 22nd May 2017 - 4:57am
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