Welcome our new Rainbow 6 team for Season 2 of the ESL Pro League!

Sun 22nd May 2016 - 8:50am : Gaming
What's up VexXFam!!
We're happy to announce our Rainbow 6 team as the newest addition to the family! Formerly known as "Recorded Reported" in Season 1 of the ESL Pro League they ended up placing 3rd overall and maintaining their spot in Season 2! With the few roster changes they made this team feels it can make the top 2 and take it to the international finals and show the NA can hang with the best! We're very excited to have these guys on board and can't wait to get started in the upcoming season!
Here's the official line up for the team! Make sure to drop them a follow and show your support!
Pierre-Alexandre "Frenchie" Desrosiers - @VexX_Frenchie
Bradley "Remorse" Hickey - @VexX_Remorse
Paul "Char" Kontopansgiotis - @VexX_Char
Zack "DAPZ" Thompson - @VexX_DAPZ
Josh "TOPKEK" McCormick - @VexX_TOPKEK
Something you didn't know is that we we're talking with the team captain DAPZ last season but unfortunately we're not able to work things out due to a few restrictions put on some players. This season it has finally been done and we're ready to help propel these guys to the next level and beyond!
The action starts June 2nd, with the prize pool up'ed to $150,000 the competition will be fierce and we can't wait to get started! Make sure to tune in and show your support and as always keep it right here for all the latest new on our teams and more! #VexXFam




Jonathan Boyd

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  • Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 9:41am
    So good to see you made it so far. This is just one of the many events that you could attend in the ongoing season. Hope you will continue your winning streak in the upcoming matches. Best of luck to the team.
  • Tue 24th Jan 2017 - 3:57am
    Season 2 of ESL Pro League was a great time for Rainbow 6 team. Actually, they have created an impressive image among the fans with wonderful performance. So I am expecting more and more amazing performances from Rainbow 6 team. you can try these out
  • Sat 1st Oct 2016 - 8:24am
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