Brawlhalla Finals!

Sun 1st May 2016 - 7:36pm : Gaming

As VexX Gaming has recently decided to sponsor player in the new title Brawlhalla, we have slowly seen this game grow in popularity and competition and this past Saturday, April 30th, 2016, we would see two of our very own players competing in the Brawlhalla Finals. LDZ and Crockie being the 3rd and 2nd seeds would attempt to take home the title for VexX!


Crockie’s Run

Crockie began his run through the Brawlhalla Finals against Tyr | Boomie which ended in the favor of Crockie 2-0 as expected. Advancing on to the Winner’s Quarterfinals is where he would find some complications though, having the play EggSoup where Crockie would lose 2-0 and be sent down into the lower bracket earlier than he would have liked to. There, in Loser’s Round 2, he would face off against [UZ] Moose in a best of three to stay in the tournament. He would win the series 2-0 and continue on to play Twilight. After a close 2-1 win over Twilight, Crockie would meet his end against Exo in Loser’s Round 4 dropping the series 2-1 and being eliminated. Crockie finished in the Top 6.


LDZ’s Run

LDZ would have a much longer run through the Finals. LDZ would start off against Crx|Scythe which would end with LDZ winning the series 2-0. Next he would face off against Twilight where he would get the W and face off against EggSoup who previously knocked Crockie down into the Loser’s bracket. In the best of 5 series, LDZ would get revenge for his VexX Teammate and take the 3-1 win. In the Winner’s Finals, Pugsy would unfortunately knock LDZ down the the Loser’s finals where he would play Exo, who eliminated Crockie in Loser’s Round 4. After the close 3-2 win against Exo, LDZ would get another shot at Pugsy but would need to win two best of 5 series to win it all. Taking the first series 3-0 things looked up for LDZ but he lost his momentum and would end up dropping the second Series 3-1 with Pugsy winning the finals. LDZ finishes the tournament in Second Place.




Luke Carstens

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