Jumping into Brawlhalla with the team formerly known as Ren!

Wed 23rd Mar 2016 - 11:31pm : Gaming

Tucson, Arizona - It's been a great start to our year and recently we've been looking for a upcoming game to support in the eSports scene! Here at VexX we've always been known to take risk's by involving ourself in new growing games with a growing eSports scene, we've done this in Smite in it's early stages, FireFall, Infinite Crisis, Dawngate and Guild Wars 2. Sometimes it pay's off and sometimes it doesn't but it allows us to do what we love to do and that's help new players grow and help the overall growth of eSports!

Recently we had someone reach out to us about a game called "Brawlhalla" that has a fast growing eSports scene and a passionate community! We quickly saw the plan for this game and the playability it has in it's current beta stage and was quite impressed. The game takes elements of "Super Smash" and add's their own twist too it, allowing dodge moves, weapons and more that allows even casual players to enjoy the game and at the same having such skillful game play that it takes some time to be a master.

After we learned a bit more about the scene we started talking to some of the best players currently in the game and was able to come to agreement that allows us to not only help each other grow but to also help grow the scene in a game that these players are very passionate about! With that said we're happy to welcome the team formerly known as "Ren" to the #VexXFam!

Cristian "Doppey" Cardoso has this to say about the move:

"We're very excited to be representing VexX Gaming and helping grow this scene! Everyone on the team is an amazing player, has a great attitude and is always looking to improve! This I think is was will set us apart moving forward into the game".

Here's the lineup!

Amer "Amer

Daniel "Crockie" Coady

Cullen "Pickled" McVey

Cristian "Doppey" Cardoso


Moving forward expect to see these guys be very active playing in the weekly tournaments and getting ready for when they announce the details for the World Championship, each one of these players are top level and with them working as a team to improve and grow together we believe they can reach the top and become the first recognized professional players in the scene! Make sure to drop each one of these guys as follow and get ready to see a lot of content for the team as they will be making videos, guides, streaming and more! #VexXFam



Jonathan Boyd

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