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Thu 17th Mar 2016 - 7:12pm : Gaming


VexX Gaming CSGO Announcement


Gaming is a constantly moving and changing community and especially in a game like Counter Strike, roster moves have to be made to ensure you are one step ahead of all the other organizations in terms of talent, potential and level of competition. VexX Gaming is constantly evolving and the most recent change is that we have officially released the roster and went to search for a new roster to represent us.

The VexX Gaming CEO and Co-Owner Jonathan Boyd had this to say when asked why the team was released and about our future in CSGO, “We we're trying to start from the bottom and build a team up. Unfortunately that was harder than it sounds and so now we are looking to pick up a professional team and have found our choice.”  VexX has always been an organization focused on developing talent and bringing it up through the rankings but with a game like CSGO this is extremely hard to accomplish and sometimes you need to make the decision to go with an already developed roster to stay ahead of the game. Our new roster will be announced within the close future. Follow @VexX_Gaming on twitter to find out as soon as possible!

The former roster included JettC, Solace, SedahS, Fighter and vSa, and competed in ESEA Main posting a record of 8-5 and being in 22nd place overall. Wish them good luck as they continue to compete and find a new organization to represent. Thank you for your time with us.




Luke Carstens

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