Weekly Recap #3

Sun 6th Mar 2016 - 5:51pm : Gaming

Welcome back to the 3rd edition of the VexX Gaming Weekly eSports Recap where I break down what happened in the week for NA LCS, both EU and NA CS GO news and standings in the ESL Pro League, review Call of Duty’s CWL and all the VexX Gaming News you may have missed throughout the week.


VexX Gaming


VexX Gaming has been expanding in so many different ways since it’s creation and another expansion has occurred. VexX Gaming has officially acquired the Pro Rocket League squad Team Turbulence. The roster includes Jaysent “Jayyyrah” Urra, Garret “Garret” Gordon and Isaac “turtle” App. This team came up 6th in the latest Rocket League Power Rankings and is gaining momentum fast after a roster change that helped a balance between offense and defense. VexX CMO Amro “noXn” Hamza stated this in regards to the newest expansion, “Ever since I’ve worked with some of the best players in Europe, I’ve been hooked on Rocket League.  RL was a game I’ve been trying to break into with VexX for some time.  We spoke to every top team in NA, and we felt the most confident in Turbulence.  They put the time in and have the drive to succeed, and all the RL critics have nothing but good things to say about the team.  We’re happy to support them in their future endeavors, including the RLCS.”

Recent Games

VexX CSGO recently took on 8Minded in the ESEA Main Division and took an unfortunate loss 16-7. 8Minded’s cool was too much for the new VexX roster as he had a great game against the squad going 24/15 throughout the game. VexX also showed great promise this week taking a map off of top ESEA Premier team Obey Alliance and going through a close game with Premier team



Day 1

To begin the NA LCS Recap a trade has occurred in which the struggling Renegades, who are currently in dead last in the Split, trade Mid-Laner Alex Ich for TDK Mid-Laner Ninja and their back up Top-Laner Flaresz for TDK Top-Laner Seraph who played for Renegades in Week 7. He struggled the first game against NRG eSports but had a very good game going 6/3/6, leading Renegades to their 2nd victory of the Split against Dignitas. Week 7 was a good one as we slowing start to approach the Playoffs for the Spring Split. To kick off Day 1, two middle pack teams being, Team Liquid and TiP faced off, and Liquid showed how they can be one of the most dominant team in the LCS taking the game in just 27 minutes. Piglet, Fenix and rookie Dardoch all showed impressive performances in the game while TiP continued to struggle throughout the game. The next game featured TSM vs Echo Fox which showed a similar dominant win for TSM like the previous game. But the next game is the one of the day where CLG managed to take down the formerly undefeated Immortals in an incredible back and forth game. Huge camp pushes from Support player aphromoo of CLG late in the game continued to weaken Immortals until they had to withdraw enough from a late game Baron fight. After leaving Baron to attend to the camp and aphromoo, CLG was able to get the 2nd Baron of the game and siege the Immortals camp and after a huge team fight that CLG got an ace out of the game was over and CLG was on top. Afterwards was a definitely less exciting match between Renegades and NRG eSports which NRG took in 29 minutes and to end the day was Cloud9 beating Dignitas with a massive 24 kills to Dignitas’ 4. Mid-Laner Jenson finished with 13 kills in total and Support player Hai finished with 19 assists in the game.

Day 2

Day 2 would begin once against with TiP but with a different result. After about 40 minutes of play and a good performance from all their players TiP would take down NRG eSports. Next up it would be CLG vs Cloud9 where CLG would continue to show that they are the team to beat in NA besides Immortals as they took the match despite Cloud9 getting both Baron kills and one more kill. Next Team Liquid would have a tough game against TSM but they would power through the game and destroy TSM. After 24 kills and 4 deaths and a huge game from Piglet against his rival Doublelift going 10/1/5, the game would be over in 29 minutes and Liquid would improve to 7-7. Next the longest game of the day would be between Renegades and Dignitas at 45 minutes where Renegades would pick up the win despite almost falling apart at the 35 minute mark. To end Week 7 Immortals would return to winning ways crushing Echo Fox in 25 minutes. The NA LCS Standings are as follows

  1. Immortals (13-1)
  2. CLG (10-4)
  3. Cloud9 (9-5)
  4. TSM (8-6)
  5. NRG eSports (7-7)
  6. Team Liquid (7-7)
  7. TiP (5-9)
  8. Echo Fox (5-9)
  9. Dignitas (4-10)
  10. Renegades (2-12)



This past weekend would be the MLG Major Offline Qualifier which would be the most important tournament of the year so far for teams like Splyce and Gambit would both shocked analysts and secured a 2-0 in their group to qualify for the major. The 2 less shocking 2-0 qualifiers would be G2 and Mousesports. All groups seemed to be quite competitive but we will be seeing familiar faces at the MLG Major being Team Liquid, Cloud9, CLG and Flipsid3. This major will also feature 4 NA Teams which is the most of any major so far. Hopefully this number continues to grow as NA CS GO continues to improve.

ESL Pro League Standings:


Call of Duty CWL

To begin the week the struggling CLG roster that is current 4-12 in the World League adds Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi after Mike “Blfire” Glushenok parts ways with the roster. Hopefully this addition will help CLG turn around their performance in the CWL. Besides this, there is no other news from the CoD CWL. The Standings are as follows.

  1. Optic Gaming (14-2)
  2. Team EnVyUs (11-5)
  3. Rise Nation (11-5)
  4. Faze Clan (10-6)
  5. Complexity Gaming (10-6)
  6. Team Elevate (9-7)
  7. H2k-Gaming (7-9)
  8. TSM (6-10)
  9. Luminosity (5-11)
  10. Team Kaliber (5-11)
  11. CLG (4-12)
  12. Dream Team (4-12)


Luke Carstens

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