The Gears of War team placed 3rd at the ESL Season 1 Finals!

Tue 12th Jan 2016 - 7:56pm : Gaming

What's up VexXFam!! We had a crazy weekend at the ESL Studios in Burbank and came out with 3rd place overall after some very intense matches!


The event started off with Onslaught taking on Denial in what would turn out to be a really close match, taking it all the way to game 5! But Denial was able to come out 3-2 in the series and secure their spot in the grandfinals. 

Then it was our turn! We had to face-off with the team favored to win the event, TeamEnVyUs!

EnVy was able play their game very well, making us force plays and rush things that we shouldnt have. Ultimately EnVy was able to captialize on this and took the seires 3-0 after some very close matches.

This setup our match vs Onslaught!

oS gave a lot of teams trouble this season so we went in knowing that we had to play our best. This was the match where the squad played their game, playing aggressive when needed and forcing oS to backoff and regroup. Onslaught didn't go out without a fight though making each series close but the boys we're able to keep calm and take the seires 3-1 to claim 3rd place and bring home $9,000!!

We're very proud of the team and how they played this whole season! Looking forward to season 2 you can expect us to be ready to take 1st this time and come out with that trophy!! Thanks for all of your support for the team this season and we can wait to get things started in season 2!!! #VexXFam



Jonathan Boyd

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