Craig "PLuTo" Walker makes his return for BlackOps3!

Tue 22nd Sep 2015 - 1:33am : Gaming

What's up VexXFam,


We've got some exciting news today but the name of the article says it all! Craig "PLuTo" Walker is making his return to BlackOps3 and to the #VexXFam!

Pluto was the orignal captian of VexX Gaming when we got our start into Call of Duty and took a team of young upcoming stars to the top of their game, making waves at UGC Niagara 2014 and in Season 2 ProLeague for Call of Duty: Ghosts! With his return he looks to help with his overwhelming knownledge of the game and his connections within the pro gaming scene to ensure that this squad is ready for the launch!

Craig will be returning to play with two of our current players "Prophet" and "FA5TBALL" who have proved themselves in Advanced Warfare and our 4th "SARCO" who played early on in Advanced Warfare and made it to Regionals but quit due to the nature of the game, his experiance comes mostly from BlackOps2 where he had a some top 8 finishes.

In a statement from Pluto he says " I'm so happy to be back with VexX and am really excited to be working with this new talent coming from AW. These guys impressed me and I really beleive I can help them reach the top of BlackOps3!"

With this roster of seasoned professional, rising stars and dedication we truly beleive this roster can go far and bring VexX back to the top of Call of Duty! Make sure to drop each one of these guys a follow by checking out the team page and be ready to watch us make the climb starting in November! #VexXFam



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