Gears of War: Team update

Tue 15th Sep 2015 - 5:40am : Gaming

What's up VexXFam!


We've had some changes in the lineup for our Gears of War team and some we wanted to keep you all updated on what the team has been up to! Here we go!

A little over a week ago we released "Phobia" from the roster and replaced him with "xCells". This change proved to be for the best in the ESL Preseason Cup #2 where we made it to the finals but fell short to Glory.

Just a few days ago the team came to us wanting to replaced Red Icy with former champ Yogurt, Icy was a key part to our success in GoW3 but the team felt that with this change they could be the most dominate team in Gears of War.

The addition to both xCells and Yogurt proved the be for the best this Sunday in the ESL Preseason Cup #3 as we made the climb to the finals to face off vs. Glory again, who had won both previous cups! We took it all the way to game 5 and in one of the most intense matches ever broadcasted!! xCells came in clutch when we were down 2-3 in the series with the most amazing sniper ace and gave us the momentum we needed to close out the series 4-3 and dethrone the former champions!

We're so happy with the squads prformance and they fell amazingly confident in this teams ability to be #1! Here's the full line up so make sure to drop them a follow!





These guys are amped up and ready to smash at the Hypefestation LAN event on October 2nd - 4th and then moving foward to get their spot in the ESL Pro League!! Make sure to folow on Twitter and Facebook to get all the latest on team news, events, giveaways and more! #VexXFam



Jonathan Boyd

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