Rivals of Aether: Recap - World Championship at Genesis

Mon 22nd Jan 2018 - 8:48pm : Gaming

What's up VexXFam,

This past weekend our boy AZCards went to SoCal to compete in the World Championship of Rivals of Aether! AZCards went into the tournament ranked #7 in the RCS standing after he took first place in the November RCS Finals, but he knew it was going to be a tough road!

One day 1 they started the 2v2 tournament where AZ teamed up with Kaos, the boys made and amazing run. They finshed overall 4th in the 2v2 after falling to Fullstream and co. and then to TwistedTeam who I beleive was FailWhale and co.

The next day the 1v1 pools started and AZ of course was able to make it thru his pool with ease, showing off his Kragg skills and securing his spot in the top 24! In the Championship bracket AZ ended up meeting his 2v2 partner Kaos and they both came to play! It was an incrediable back and forth match but Kaos was able to edge it out and win 3-2 knocking AZ into the losers bracket.

AZ took a few wins in losers and then in round 4 met with LBO! These two have had a history, they both win and lose vs each other and both are top level players! LBO really showed up and was able to shut down AZ and end his run, taking the series 3-0 and knocking AZ out of the tournament. He ended in 9th place, it wasn't where he had hoped to have made it but he gave it his best and made a great show!

We're very proud of all the hard work AZ has put into being one of the best Kragg players in North America and look forward to next season of the RCS, with bigger prizes, more venues and more competition!! 

Thanks for all the support! #VexXFam




Jonathan Boyd

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