Weekend Recap 1/27 - 1/28

Wed 31st Jan 2018 - 7:19pm : Gaming
What's up VexXFam,
We had a busy weekend for our Call of Duty team! We're going to highlight how things went down this weekend in case you missed the action!
Will start with the Call of Duty team!
As you know we just acquired these young & talented players along with our coach Bemix! They have been hard at work in scrims, gb's, VoD review and more and these weekend it really showed! This past Saturday they took on the CWL 2k series with over 140+ teams involved it was going to be a long day! Things didn't get heated until round 5 when they faced off with GGEA Blue who made pool play at CWL NOLA and ended with a 21th-24th placement! We had a great match with the former VexX member FA5TBALLA but we ended up taking the series 3-1 and advancing.
The boys then took on Natus Vincere in round 6, this is a newly formed team but they are also involved in the National Circuit with Swarley leading the team. These guys are ultra talented but the squad has been working hard for this and proved the work paid off by taking the series 3-1, advancing to round 7 and securing a top 8 position!
The squad then faced off with Next Threat, the newly formed team lead by Censor! We made a few misplays in the series and it cost us, we kept it super close all things considered but ended up falling in the series 1-3 and getting knocked out of the tournament. Next Threat went onto the finals to play vs. Complexity and ending up taking 2nd place.
After taking 8th in the 2k series this allowed us to play in the CWL ProLeagueChallenger #1 on Sunday! This is where the top 8 teams from the Pro League face off with the top 8 teams from the 2k series and just like old time we got matched up with Optic Gaming in round 1!!
In the first hardpoint we got a slow start, we we're actually down 33-111 at one point. But we started to get our rhythm and started to close the gap......we brought it all the way back to 165-176! But Optic would allow the boys to continue the momentum and ended the match 177-250 and taking the first map in the series.
We moved onto the SnD and this is where the boys went off! Brack showing why he's here and that he's got the talent to compete with the best of them dropping 11 kills! It was a back and forth match but the boys we're able to end the match 6-4 and tie the series 1-1!
They then moved onto the CTF where the first half was completely back and forth, both teams not giving an inch and taking contract when they had the opportunity! The half ended at 1-1. In the second half we made a misplay when both flags we're out, we had the advantage but made a mistake in where we placed our guys. It cost us and Optic was able to keep the squad at bay for the remainder of the half. Optic took the round 1-4 and made the series 1-2.
In the second HP the boys really turned up! It was such a close match all the way, but the squad keep composure, kept up with the slaying and rotations and showed they've got what it takes to beat Optic in respawn! All the players went off in the match, but Rampy and Lyric really made a statement both dropping over 35 kills! We won 250-197 and tied the series 2-2!!
In game 5 we looked like we we're a Pro team! It was so back and forth, both teams coming up CLUTCH when needed and making it one of the most exciting SnD matches I've ever watched! It went the distance of course because my player love to try and give me a heart-attack, at 5-5 I was at the edge of my seat!! It all came down to an up close 1v1 and we ended up falling just short of being who is the #1 team in the CWL Pro League right now! It was INSANE!
You can watch the full match here from Brack's stream!

Watch CWL Pro Challenge w/ VexX from CarsonBrack on 

It was an amazing weekend and we're so proud of the squad! They really showed that their hard work is paying off and that they have what it takes to make some noise not only in the National Circuit but also at the upcoming CWL event in Atlanta!! Make sure to show your support next weekend and we make our run again in the CWL 2k series and try for another chance at the big boys!! #VexXFam



Jonathan Boyd

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