Jumping back into Call of Duty! Welcome our new Challenger team!

Mon 15th Jan 2018 - 6:46pm : Gaming

Whats up VexXFam!!

It's been a while since we have been involved in Call of Duty, in fact we never even had a team in infinite Warfare. But we never stopped looking and hoping for the right opportunity!

With all of the new opportunities in Call of Duty it seemed like the perfect time for VexX to get back involved and of course with the focus of bringing in upcoming potential Superstar's to the scene!

With that said we are proud to announce our new lineup for the 2018 Challenger Season!!





Coached by : KingFenix

These guys are all young and very talented players! In fact Vicious has had a history with VexX before! In Advanced Warfare Vicious was a big factor to our team, a 16 year old Slayer that had so much potential and hadn't hit his stride yet...he helped take our team to multiple 2k wins, 5th at regionals for season 2 AW and 9th at Dallas!! After they made it 18+ Vicious had to take a back seat...but now at 19 he's ready to rock out and help lead this team to becoming Champions!

With a seasoned coach like Fenix and the skill level of each player, the sky is the limit for this young team and they are already showing some pretty well known teams what they can do in scrims! Catch them this on January 28th in their first CWL 2k series apparence and show your support for these young players!

Get ready to see these guys a lot more! They will be competing in every 2k series, they already qualifyed for the playoffs for the World Gaming 60k and they will be in attendance at MLG Alanta and beyond! We have plans to grow this team and will be shooting to make in into 'pool play" at our first event to see how we fair vs. the big boys! We're so excited and can't wait!

Make sure to show your support and drop these guys a follow on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube! Thanks for all your support over the years in Call of Duty, we're so happy to be back and won't let you down!! #VexXFam



Jonathan Boyd

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