Weekend Recap 2/10 -2/11

Wed 14th Feb 2018 - 9:35pm
What's up VexXFam!

It was a busy weekend for us this weekend and I'm here to recap all the action in case you missed it!!

Let's start with the Call of Duty team!

This weekend the squad played in the CWL 2k series and did very well, they didn't end up in the top 8 but they did beat some very good teams and showed where they need to improve.

In round 5 they faced off with Enigma 6 and it was a nail biter of a match! The first hardpoint did not go our way, with the squad getting a slow start E6 came out with a bang and kept us on our back foot the whole time. We had a few good breaks but couldn't get anything together and fell 159-250.

In the first SnD the boys showed their patience and worked together to get picks and intel on the map, they placed smart and out moved E6 allowing them to control more of the map and pick off the E6 members. The squad took the in 6-3 and tied the series moving into the CTF.

The CTF again went very well for E6, coming out with a hard push right from the go and not allowing our guys to get any movement without a quick trade. We tried to get something going in the second half but the damage had been done and we fell 2-4 being it to a game 4.

In the second hardpoint we didn't allow the same thing to happen, we pushed out hard and kept them from gaining any ground. Rampy going ham helped a lot, with him going on a 7 kill streak at one point! E6 tried to gain some ground towards the end but our boys we're able to weather it and take the win 250-197 and bring it to a game 5!!

Game 5 SnD was a great match! E6 made some very good plays, but Brack was able to go big when needed and help lead the squad to a 6-4 victory! It was a very intense match and gave the boys a lot of confidence in their ability to compete with some of the best!

This put us vs EZG and this guys really came out to play, I was unable to track all the scores but each match was very close but EZG didn't let up and took the series 3-0. The squad got relaxed after the win over e6 and it cost them because the EZG squad is very nice! This took us out of the tournament and gave us a top 16 finish.

The Gears of War squad had the debut this weekend in the MLG 2k series and did very well for themselves! They beat 88 Chambers in round 2 and then went on to face Motiv8 Gaming who just placed 7th/8th at the MLG New Mexico event! This was a great test for them to see how they stack up vs. an very strong upcoming team!

The squad did not disappoint! It took them a little while to get's their momentum going and went down 2-5 in the series at one point, but was able to claw their way back in a very exciting manner tying the series 6-6 for the BREAD!! We made a few small mistakes and it cost us, falling 6-7 and being knocked out of the tournament. The squad learned a lot of the match and feel much more comfortable moving forward! They will be scrimming all this week, doing the 1v1 ladder and working to improve every aspect of their game to ensure we come out better next weekend!

All in all it was a great weekend! We're making strides everyday and we can't wait for the upcoming CWL Atlanta & MLG Vegas events! Thanks for all of your support and make sure to tune in next weekend! #VexXFam


Jonathan Boyd

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