AM to Pro: Back in Gears4!

Tue 23rd Jan 2018 - 11:12pm
What's up VexXFam! Our last attempt to get back into Gears went south after a few of our players got into it with each other and broke up. So we watched a waited for an opportunity, we had a few teams reach out to us but ultimately it didn't work out.
These guys reached out to us and something clicked! They have a good attitude, the right mindset and the talent to do big things in this game! They know they have a lot of work to do to be able to compete head to head with the big boys but they want to put in the work to make that happen.
So, we're going to make that AM to Pro run once again. This time, I'll be personally coaching this team and helping them grow as a unit and as players! With that said we're happy to welcome our new squad to the #VexXFam!



Now some people are going to talk bad, but these guys are willing to do what a lot of others aren't anymore! Invest in themselves! These guys are young and will be putting in a lot of work to improve, join them on their journey and show your support for these upcommers!
You won't see them at Mexico City unfortunately, but where ever the next event is the boys will be ready for it! But you can catch them this weekend in the MLG 2k series so make sure to tune in a show your support! #GetVexXeD


Jonathan Boyd

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