Striving to do better! Cleaning house for 2018!!

Tue 7th Nov 2017 - 9:05pm
What's up VexXFam!
This year has been full of up's and down's for VexX. We started off the year strong in Gears of War, finding some amazing top AM players that we believed we're the next generation of pro players and but fell short due to a lot of different things. We've had some great placements throughout this year but we just seemed to fall short somehow, but we still believe! 
As the founder of VexX I out a lot of my heart, passion and time into building VexX. My goal always will stay the same, to build a top rated Esports organization with upcoming players and give them a platform to grow...but in doing this I've been helping people more then I've been helping my brand and from a growth standpoint that great but from a business stand point I have to do better! That being said we're restructuring a few things and focusing on making 2018 our best year!
One major thing that will change is we're going to be focusing less on games like Gears of War & Call of Duty and more on games like Brawlhalla, RoA and SSB! This is not to say that maybe sometime down the road will pick up one of these games, but we feel that we've been spreading too fast and not focusing enough on what we have.... we also learned that it's hard to keep AM players together on a squad and have wasted a lot of time and resources on this in the past! NO MORE! The people we acquire will be well known in the scene, they will all stream, do YouTube and will focus on branding them to the best of our ability!


This will take some time, but we're dedicated and passionate about what we do and with these new changes, the new people we bring in, new players we feel that we have a great shot at making some waves in 2018 and bringing home a championship for our family! #VexXFam




Jonathan Boyd

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