Going AM to Pro in Gears 4 - Welcome our new lineup!!

Fri 13th Oct 2017 - 11:27pm

What's up VexXFam!!


If you've been a VexX fan for a while then you know that we love Gears of War!!! We we're a early on supporter of a team way back in Gears 3 (when Hypefestiation was a thing) and have helped players along in their jorney to become established professional players!

We're happy to announce we're going to do it again!! We've found a group of players that we beleive have the talent to make some waves in the scene, these guys are hungry, dedicated and ready to advance their game!! Our goal is the same as always, stay competitve, help grow the scene and give these guys a platfrom to advance their professional careers to the next level!

With that said here is our lineup moving forward into Season 2 of the MLG Pro Circuit!!







Last weekend they played a close game vs Aspire that went the distance! They fell 6-7 but showed they can bang out with some top players, Aspire went onto beat Fire N Ice last week and ended with a top 4 finish! This Sunday will be the squad's first apperance under the VexX brand, expect them to come out with a bang and make a statement saying "VexX is back" and we're coming to make some noise!!

Make sure to drop these guys a follow, show your support every Sunday for the squad in the MLG 2k series and check out their streams on! As always thank you all for your support, we're very happy to be back in Gears with the family that has supported us since 2015!!! #VexXFam



Jonathan Boyd

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