Welcome our new PUBG team to the #VexXFam!

Fri 29th Sep 2017 - 8:39pm

What's up VexXFam!

We're back at it again, bringing you some of the best upcoming players in a new game that brings a lot of hype...PUBG!!


We've been sitting back and watching PUBG explode and with H1Z1 falling behind we felt now was a good time to try and find some players that we can help out and grow with!

We're proud to welcome our lineup to the #VexXFam!







Each one of these players in ranked in the top 50 in solo and have teamed together to make a run at the top! They have been working the test server as a team and doing very well, we have hopes that this team can bring the noise in the coming months with new things being announced everyday for PUBG!

We've done this before!! Just look at our past, look at our Rainbow 6 team who is now considered a top "challenger" team and is making huge strides to get their spot in the Pro League! We have an eye for talent, and we see something we these guys! So stay tuned!

Each one of these guys stream and have a healthy fanbase, come make it bigger and show your support for the #VexXFam! All their info can be found on their team page!

We're very excited for this opportunity and as always thank you all for you continued support! #GetVexXeD



Jonathan Boyd

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