Crockie & Doppey - BCX 2017!!

Mon 18th Sep 2017 - 6:08am

What's up VexXFam,

Brawlhalla has come a long way since we first starting supporting it over a year ago now! The same can be said for our players Crockie & Doppey who have both had some up's and down's in the past year but have stuck with it and always strived to be better!

These two are some of the oldest names in the scene! With Crockie leading the charge for the community with being the longest exsisting streamer in the game! They both have shown that they are very passionate and dedicated to this game!

This year the boys will once again be attending the BCX and the fire has never been stronger! 

In the 1v1 Crockie will be coming in at the 10th seed and Doppey will be in at the 13th in North America! But as a duo these guys will be coming in at the 3rd seed in the NA! 

We can't wait for November! Here's a few videos highlighting some matches thoughout the year!


We've had some high's and had some lows but overall this year has been amazing for us in Brawlhalla and we're very proud to have these two with us!

Here's a breakdown of LAN placements this year

Crockie - 5th at CEO Dreamland - 13th at ComboBreaker - 8th at Shine 2017

Doppey - 9th at CEO Dreamland - 4th at ComboBreaker - 13th at Shine 2017

Crockie & Doppey - 1st at CEO Dreamland - 4th at Shine 2017


The BXC is the bread a butter for Brawlhalla players as most of the prize pools for the circuit are much lower, but with $100,000 on the line you better beleive that these boys will come to play! We can't wait to see eveyone there, please make sure to drop these to a follow and check out their streams on Twitch! Thanks for your continued support in these smaller games, without you we wouldn't be here! #VexXFam



Jonathan Boyd

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