Bringing Destiny to the VexX community!

Fri 31st Mar 2017 - 10:26pm

What's up VexXFam!


As you know VexX Gaming isn't just a Esport organization, it's also a large community of gamers that just enjoy playing video games and do so on various different platfroms! We're always looking to the next big MMO or multiplayer game that we feel is going to help grow our community and the people we are able to play with! With that said we're happy to announce we are bringing Destiny to the VexX community in the form of a merger between VexX and Lord Saladins Legion a well estiblished clan in Destiny that holds a lot of the very same values we do here at VexX! These guys are all friendly, fun loving helpful and yet competitive people, lead by the man Kingtoo they will set their sights on being not only competitive in raids but also in the Cruicble!

With Desitny 2 on the horizon this is a perfect time to get involved in the game!! We have branches on both the Xbox and the PS4 and Destiny 2 has already been confirmed on PC as well! 


For more infomation on community memembership click here

For more infomation on the Destiny clan click here



Jonathan Boyd

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