DolphinBrick win's the RCS September Finals!

Wed 20th Sep 2017 - 7:36pm

What's up VexXFam!

This weekend was super HYPED with the Rivals monthly finals underway and our man DBrick came to play!! DolphinBrick isn't known for being the best "online" at every LAN event he has proven that he is a force but because of his net capability and him being in Canada a lot of people see him as weaker online. 

Well he proved that not only has his hard work been paying off but it's showing in his proformence online as he ran thru the RCS September finals without dropping a set!! He Orcane was flawless, doing things that even the casters we're amazed about! His run was even more increidable because of the compeition he went thru, players like Ralph, Fullstream and Ceztellz are all amazing players!

Here's some of the games to check out just in case you missed them!

These matches we're insane, with so many amazing plays made we couldn't be happier with DolphinBrick's proformence! Make sure to drop him a follow, check out his stream and YouTube and get ready for some more amazing action this month with the RCS!! #GetVexXeD



Jonathan Boyd

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