• GoW ESL Preseason Cup 7 Recap 0

    GoW ESL Preseason Cup…

    VexX Gaming get's their revenge in the ESP GoW Cup 7.

    Mon 28th Sep 2015 - 6:01pmRead More
  • GoW ESL Preseason Cup 6 Recap 0

    GoW ESL Preseason Cup…

    The ESL Gears of War Preseason Cup #6 was a heart breaker.

    Fri 25th Sep 2015 - 3:30amRead More
  • MLG Pro League Season 3 Playoffs Review 0

    MLG Pro League Season…

    Hey guys, VexX TarHeel here, I'm the new Content Writer for VexX Gaming. Before I get started on my first article, I wanna take this time to thank the VexX team and Razor for giving me this chance. Also, I know the Playoffs…

    Thu 24th Sep 2015 - 7:01amRead More
  • Craig 1

    Craig "PLuTo" Walker makes…

    What's up VexXFam,   We've got some exciting news today but the name of the article says it all! Craig "PLuTo" Walker is making his return to BlackOps3 and to the #VexXFam!

    Tue 22nd Sep 2015 - 1:33amRead More
  • Gears of War: Team update 0

    Gears of War: Team update

    What's up VexXFam!   We've had some changes in the lineup for our Gears of War team and some we wanted to keep you all updated on what the team has been up to! Here we go!

    Tue 15th Sep 2015 - 5:40amRead More

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