• We're back!! 5

    We're back!!

    We're back!! 2020 was a crazy awful year but we got our feet underneath us again and look forward to moving on to 2021 with a new focus!

    Sat 2nd Jan 2021 - 4:48pmRead More
  • Weekend Recap 2/17 -2/18 39

    Weekend Recap 2/17 -2/18

    What's up VexXFam! Today we got a recap of all the action this past weekend! We had another double header this weekend, this time with Gears 4 & Brawlhalla!

    Tue 20th Feb 2018 - 6:27amRead More
  • Jersey giveaway contest!! 13

    Jersey giveaway contest!!

    What's up VexXFam! We got something special for you! We're giving away 3 custom jerseys to 3 lucky funs!!

    Tue 20th Feb 2018 - 4:58amRead More
  • Weekend Recap 2/10 -2/11 27

    Weekend Recap 2/10 -2/11

    What's up VexXFam! It was a busy weekend for us this weekend and I'm here to recap all the action in case you missed it!!

    Wed 14th Feb 2018 - 9:35pmRead More
  • Double header weekend! 45

    Double header weekend!

    What's up VexXFam!! This weekend is going to be super hype as we've got both the Call of Duty team and the Gears 4 team competing!

    Tue 6th Feb 2018 - 7:53pmRead More
  • Weekend Recap 1/27 - 1/28 23

    Weekend Recap 1/27 - 1/28

    What's up VexXFam, We had a busy weekend for our Call of Duty team! We're going to highlight how things went down this weekend in case you missed the action!

    Wed 31st Jan 2018 - 7:19pmRead More